Opening Times

montyWe were recommended Madeleine by a friend after we told her about our two bunnies, who began to fight after having them for about a week. The fighting was so bad that we had them separated for four months. Whenever we tried to put them back together, there would be fur flying and even screaming. We thought they’d never be friends. However, they spent two and a bit weeks with Madeleine for bonding and they have become best of friends. She is truly a bunny whisperer! I don’t know how she did it, but we are so grateful. It’s also so nice to know that when we go on holiday, Madeleine will look after Monty and Fudge as though they’re her own. We know that they are so well cared for. 

S Wakefield

Owner of Monty and Fudge

Monday 10am  – 7pm

Tuesday 10am – 7pm

Wednesday 10am -7pm

Thursday 10am -7pm

Friday 10am – 7 pm

Saturday 10am -2pm

Sunday Closed

Pick up and Drop off’s are at arranged times only.

Visiting slots are 15 minutes, if you need longer please see optional extras.

If you are going to be late please call 07780686697 to re arrange your slot.

delp Madeleine has bonded two pairs of rabbits for me : Milo and Lupin, her first pair of boys successfully bonded; and later Lupin and Delphinium. I am / was a novice bunny owner and her advice, guidance and skill made the process significantly less stressful than anticipated and resulted in two pairs of very happy bunnies. Two years on Lupin and Delphi remain devoted to each other…provided there are no carrots present! I’d very much recommend her bonding skills; she also does a very good job of grooming fluffies.

B. Carter

Owner of Milo and Delphinium