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Rabbit Bonding Support Group

Need Help Bonding your Rabbits?

Madeleine has offered a Rabbit Bonding Service from the Small Furry Hotel for the last ten year.  She is regularly receiving enquiries from Rabbit owners world wide asking for help bonding their rabbits. Therefore she wanted to come up with a way of helping those further afield who could not get to the hotel.

During the last ten years Madeleine has catalogued her bonding video’s on a Facebook Group.  On this group you can see the process of many pair and trio’s being bonded,  some successful and some not! By viewing these video you will hopefully be able to develop an eye for the behaviour rabbits display during the bonding process.

You will be able to see patterns emerge in the bonding process and learn to identify when is the best time to push forward or hold back and not push forward.

There will be lots of hints and tips for you to try when or if things get tough.  Each month you will be able to post a video of your progress and Madeleine and the group will offer support and advice.

This support group will grow and offer more facilities as the months pass.

£49.99 Gives you access for the whole of 2020

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