Pick Your Own Forage.


Lots of animals including Rabbits, guinea Pigs and tortoises love fresh food ( forage).  We have a lush 10 acre field full of all the natural food that pets love.  They enjoy the forage fresh and dried, it is a really healthy treat for your pet.  Lots of natural forage has many health benefits to your pet.  Bring your scissors and a normal size shopping bag and enjoy walking round the field finding nice healthy snacks for your friend.

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Have a look below at the food dehydrators, dry your goodies and feed during winter.

£5.50 per bag

20 places available.

Bunnies welcome on harness and leads at the owners risk.  I would advise that your rabbit is fully vaccinated and is used to being on a harness.

Cars are parked in field at owners own risk, the field has ruts and holes please wear suitable footwear.

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