Extra Services at the

Small Furry Hotel

Here at the Small Furry Hotel we offer a range of extra services from Rabbit Bonding to Guinea Pig grooming.

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Rabbit Grooming:

There are several reasons why your rabbit may need our grooming service.

  • Your rabbit may have a very soft fluffy coat and therefore struggles to groom themselves. Your rabbit can start to ingest their hair, you know this is happening as your rabbit rabbit will pass faeces that are joined together with hair. If your spot this it is time to book a groom.
  • As your rabbit ages they may not be able to reach all of their body which can cause them to have matting between their back legs. Urine and feces can then get attached to this.

To book email via the contact page or add a groom to your rabbits boarding booking in the comments box.

From £15 including a Nail trim.


Over the years Madeleine has successfully bonded may pairs of rabbits.

The reasons Madeleine gets asked to bond rabbits are:

1. A person may have two rabbis at home that they have been unable to bond and here fore has had to keep them in separate hutches.

2. A rabbit has lost their partner as is looking for a new friend.

3. Or a rabbit has been living alone and their owner decides they would like a companion for their existing rabbit.


 Struggling to come up with the ideal present for your Furry Mad Friend?

Well why not buy them a Small Furry Hotel Voucher.

Vouchers can be redeemed against





Voucher are available for £10.00

Simply drop us and email with the value you would like on your voucher and we will email your voucher within 72 hours after payment is received.

Guinea Pig Grooming:

Long haired and short haired Guinea Pigs feel good after a pamper session.

Treatment includes:

  •  Bath
  • Hair trim
  • Blow dry
  • Nail Trim

To book email via the contact page or add a groom to your Guinea Pig’s boarding booking in the comments box.


Out of Hours Visits:

Ideal if you can’t make our usual opening times.