Hamster Cage Reviews

Hamster Cage

When a Hamster stays at the Small Furry Hotel the come with their own accommodation.  This summer especially I have worked with many different cages, so I am going to share me reviews on different types of Hamster cages.

Hamsters do enjoy tubes and tunnels however some years back I did read a report that Hamsters like a big cage that they can walk round.  Hamsters are also always looking for ways to escape, so any weakness in a cage will result in a lost hamster.

You also have to consider cleaning out and ventilation.  You want a cage that is easy to clean out and is easy to put back together.  Hamster wee can be very strong to good ventilation is key as your hamster could become ill.


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I remember when these come out, I was a child and thought they were amazing, as an adult I am not as keen. The areas and not that big so I feel the hamster can’t stretch out and explore enough.  My pet hate is the external tunnels, they look good but I have never been confident in them not falling part.  The pods on the top can also be swivelled by the hamsters and I have had a few customers say their Hamster have escaped that way.  In some models the water bottle attached on a plastic bung, if the bottle falls out this is also a very easy escape route.


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These are easy to clean and take apart and put together.  For me they are too small, there is not enough room for toys, food bowls etc.  Maybe ok size wise for smaller hamsters, but not Syrians.


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For the money I really like this cage.  It is easy to clean, interactive and has good ventilation.  The only think it is missing is more floor space.  But all in all for the money it is a good buy and a safe cage.


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I love the floor space in these but the external tunnel on all cages worry me, this would need regular checks.  There is plenty of ventilation and it is simple to clean out.  This would be my second choice.


Take time when buying a hamster cage and think about what it needs to do to be a happy place for your pet but also a healthy space and safe place.  It also needs to be easy for you to keep clean.


Hamsters can holiday at the Small Furry Hotel from £2 per day.

You can book your Hamsters holiday here 



Products from Amazon.co.uk