Term Time Boarding.

Happy Bunny

Happy Bunny

Is September really busy in your house?

New Schools for the little ones?

Off to university for the big ones?

Are you worried your pet will not get the attention they are used to during September?

Then we have the solution.

The Small Furry Hotel offers Term time boarding so your pet can enjoy the company of other Furries and all the interaction and fun that goes on at the Hotel. This means you can concentrate on getting into a routine with the family and not worrying your pet is getting board. Ultimately freeing up more of your time of the busy weeks ahead.

Your pet can check in the 1st September just before the mayhem starts and Check out Saturday 21st October just in time for the Half Term Holidays.


Prices start from £160 for 1 pet in outside accommodation. This works out at just over £3 a day for your pets bedding, feed and care.

1 inside pen for a single rabbit would be £250.00. Limited availability on Pens.

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