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Why chose the Small Furry Hotel for your pets holiday?

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Finding accommodation for your pet when you can not look after them is a serious matter.

There are many reasons you may need someone to look after your pets.

  • You maybe going on Holiday.

  • Work commitments may take you from home for longer periods.

  • Moving house.

  • A new baby may be due and you want to make sure your pet has lots of attention whilst you get your head round having a new born.

  • If you are having a lot of work done on your home and need your pet in a safe place.

Whatever the reason you will only be relaxed if you feel happy about your pets holiday.

Small Furry Hotel has been providing Furry holidays for nearly Sixteen years. The best thing an owner can say to us is “I didn’t worry at all”. Leaving your pet in the wrong place can ruin a holiday.

We have actually had last minute calls with people in tears as they have turned up at an establishment and been horrified by the accommodation on offer.

Another call we get is ” I had someone to look after our pet but they have let us down”. We have never cancelled a booking in the nearly 17 years we have been established. We take bookings up to a year in advance. So if your holiday is booked, book your pets and then you know you have no need to worry about being let down.

Boarding your rabbit or Guinea pig with us means your furry will be holidaying in the company of the small animals they will not be housed near cats, dogs or any other animal that they might perceive as a predator. By bringing your pets to us you can lock up your home and not worry about someone staying in your home whilst you are away.

The main thing to remember is we are a business and are not looking after your pet as a favour. Therefore we are always pleased to hear from you, we won’t let you down, we understand your pets needs and we are in and out checking on everyone throughout the day. Not like a neighbour popping in now and then.

We will ensure all your pets needs are met whilst you are away. One year we have a rabbit booked for four weeks as the family were off on a long haul holiday. Two days before arrival the rabbit needed an operation on his teeth this meant he would also need special care. The lady called in total despair, I explained she did not have to worry. The rabbit went in for the op and the family brought their bun in a day after the op. We followed all the meds required and took the bun back for his checks. There were additional cost to be paid however the family were thrilled as we kept them updated and by the time they came home your wouldn’t have known he had been poorly.

So we pride ourselves is giving owners peace of mind and most of all Furries a fabulous holiday.

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