Terms and Conditions


1) All rabbits must have up to date vaccinations (myxomatosis & VHD)

2) Your pet must be in good health on arrival. We do have the right to turn away a sick pet.

3) If your pet becomes sick in our care, we will either attend our vets or yours if within 4 miles. We will always try & make contact first.

4) You agree to pay any vet fees occurred whilst your animal boards with us.

5) In the unlikely event of your pet passing away in our care we will take your pet to the vets to be stored until your return.

6) Payment due on or before day of arrival. All deposits are non – refundable.

7) If you do not return for your pet on the arranged pick up day & do not contact us. We will try to contact your contact number after ten days we will need to rehome your pet.

8) Delivery & Pick up will be at arranged times only. We can not guarantee to be in at other times. Access to the Furry Hotel without permission will be seen as trespassing & we can prosecute. This is for the protection of all the animals.

9) All pets must arrive in a suitable pet carrier.

10) You should be made aware that there are currently no licensing or regulations on small animal boarders. Therefore you leave you pet at your own risk.

By boarding your pet with us you agree to these Terms and Conditions