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We will only book a Hutch or Pen once we are in receipt of a deposit.

Deposits are £20.00 per week per hutch or Pen.

For example:

1-7 Days £20.00 per Hutch or Pen

8-14 Days £40.00 per Hutch or Pen

15-21 days £60.00 per Hutch or Pen

Once we receive your deposit, which can be up to a year in advance, we commit to you that that hutch or pen will be available. Therefore, as with any Kennel or Cattery your Deposit is non refundable once paid.

If your pet falls ill and is contagious and you need to cancel we will happily write you a letter for your insurance company to claim back any boarding fees.  The same applies if you can not travel due to your own illness and need to claim on your travel insurance.

Date changes within 72 hours of the arrival date, for example moving a booking start date from 15th November to 17th November, will not incur a loss of deposit. This is subject to availability. However, cancelling more than three days off an existing booking or moving the booking by more than three days will incur a loss of deposit. For example, 18 days booked, £60 deposit paid, 4 days then cancelled making the booking 14 days will result in loss of £20.00 of your deposit. The deposit covers the admin fee involved in processing your booking and the cancellation.

The total balance is due on or before drop off. Once this has been paid and the booking has started, no refunds can be given. As a small business, we plan staffing and wages around our projected income and take a deposit as a commitment that the booking will go ahead.

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