Established 2006.

The small furry hotel, a small animal boarding facility was established in 2006.

I have owned small furries throughout my childhood and adult years, I have found one of the major considerations when owning a pet is who would look after your pet when you go away. Traditionally the neighbour would be asked, however this can have it’s issues such as:

  • You go away more than your neighbour so your neighbour feels put on and you feel guilty.

  • Are you pets at the forefront of the neighbours mind?

  • Will they clean out your furry regularly?

  • Will they get enough exercise?

  • Will they feed the correct diet?

  • Will they notice illness?

  • Your neighbour will probably not want to commit too far in advance.

  • How often will the neighbour visit.

  • Will the neighbour look after your pets at Christmas?

  • Will the neighbour suddenly change their mind as they need to go away.

If this is going through your head before you book your holiday or whilst on holiday it is going to cause you stress……..

So to alleviate these issues and give you and your furries a stress free holiday the Small Furry Hotel was opened.

We are a business that is open 24/7 365 days a year, we do not look after your pet as a favour and therefore are always pleased to hear from you. As we have been established nearly ten years you can book your holiday in advance when you book yours.

All animals are cleaned out daily and get exercise. If your pet needs medication whilst on holidays or vet visits we can accommodate that too.

We look forward to welcoming you and your furries to the hotel.




I am Madeleine Fear, I have had a passion for small furries for as long as I can remember. I still remember at about the age of eight going into the pet shop to buy my first rabbit Mickey. She was a beautiful large black rabbit, she lived to be a bout 10 years old and was hard work to handle but I loved her and she gave me the furry bug. I went on to have many rabbits including pedigree Angora’s that I took to shows.

When I left home and had my first house I went to the RSPCA to rescue a rabbit. The lady took one look at me and said you look like someone who just wants to give a rabbit a home. I said yes I really don’t care what the rabbit is like I just want to give someone a chance. I was taken over to a big black rabbit, she was eight years old and had been in rescue two years. She had the tendency to be aggressive and was plain so no one wanted her. Well that was good enough for me, I am the type of person who doesn’t need the animal to love me I take pleasure in seeing the animal happy. I took her home and housed her in a stable. I build a digging pit, put have bales out to eat and play on and tunnels. She had a ball in her new abode, She went from fat to sleak active bunny. In the evening she would come in the house and would go for my now husbands legs and chased our Bearded Collie we have at the time. She died in my arms on the way to the emergency vet on New Years Day. The vet diagnosed a brain tumor. I felt her life slip away as she sat on my lap, I cried but was satisfied that I had given that rabbit a taste of a great life and she died loved. Incidentally she tried to bite everyone bar me. I never forced myself on her and we had a mutual respect for each other. My pleasure was to see her happy.

Nowadays we live in the New Forest on our farm where we have Angora goats, chickens, ducks, horses and a variety of other animals. My two many hobbies and horse riding and showing my dogs which are Bearded Collies and Dandie Dinmonts. I have my first Beaded Collie at twelve years old and my current Beadies go back to my first dog when I was a little girl.

I currently have two rabbits Hannah a pure Bred Angora who contributes to our Fibre farm and Coco the rescue bunny. Both Buns live together, Coco adores his stunning lady friend. We also have three guinea pigs who keep us entertained with all their wonderful noises.

My daughter regularly help me in busy periods, they started their apprenticeships at about three years old filling water bottles. My husband also helps out when he is not working. Christmas day we are all out making sure all our guests have opened their gifts and are having a good day.

Over the years the hotel has gained popularity and I have also helped many people bond problematic rabbits. This has gained me the title of “Rabbit Whisperer” by some.

As I type I have guests boarding with me that have been coming to me since I opened. It has been an honour to be entrusted with these special souls for so long. My goal is to have happy guests and owners who can say goodbye to their pets and know they will be cared for as my own and their every need met by me and my colleagues.