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We Bond Rabbit September to March, due to Madeleine's success and experience we book up in advance.


How does it work:

The rabbits are booked in for boarding a minimum of 2 weeks.

An additional charge of £35 for a pair or £70 for a trio is added to your account.

If madeleine is successful in bonding them there is a £50 "successful bonding fee" on collection.


Over the two weeks time you will get regular updates on how your rabbit is progressing. Madeleine had her Pens designed so that she can house the rabbits next door to each other and just have a grill to separate them. This is invaluable for the first few days. Madeleine is always happy to have a chat and help steer you in the right direction.

Would you like to discuss a Bonding booking?


Click on the link below to book a phone call with Madeleine.

Need On line Help Bunny Bonding?

Do you live too far from the Small Furry Hotel to book your buns in for boarding?  Don’t worry we have Zoom. Book either a 15 or 30 minute Zoom call with Madeleine for help with bonding your rabbits. 3o minute Zoom calls can also be booked as part of a package for 14 Zoom calls for just £350.

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