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We bond rabbits from September to March. Due to Madeleine's success and experience, we book up in advance.


How does it work:

The rabbits board with us for a minimum of 7 days whilst Madeleine attempts to bond them. Madeleine had her pens designed so that she can house the rabbits next door to each other and just have a grill to separate them. This is invaluable for the first few days.


We charge £45 per day to bond a pair of rabbits, this is non-refundable. After your rabbits have been bonded and have spent overnight together, we strongly recommend that they stay with us for an additional 7 days boarding at £19 per day in a 6ft x 6ft pen to continue the bonding process.


Over the two weeks, you will get regular updates on how your rabbits are progressing, including daily videos for the first 7 days.

 If you are interested in having your rabbits bonded with us, please fill in the form below and we will contact you when we have dates available. If you would like help with bonding rabbits at home, please see the section below about Online Bunny Bonding.

Register Interest for Bonding

Thanks for registering your intest in bonding!

When we have contacted you with our dates available, please watch the video below on how to book bonding for your rabbits. Once your booking request is submitted, we will send you a non-refundable deposit request of £90. Your booking is confirmed when this is paid. For more information on our deposits, please click here.

When you have booked your rabbits in for bonding, please sign the Bonding Agreement using the link below before drop off as we are unable to start bonding without this.

Need Online Help Bunny Bonding?

Do you live too far from the Small Furry Hotel to book your buns in for boarding?  Don’t worry we have Zoom. Book either a 15 or 30 minute Zoom call with Madeleine for help with bonding your rabbits. 3o minute Zoom calls can also be booked as part of a package for 14 Zoom calls for just £350.

Zoom Calls - Bonding



Zoom calls for help with rabbit bonding

Valid for 3 months

30 minute Zoom calls for 14 days

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