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Why do Rabbit and Guinea love Spring?

Lets be honest Winter is not a Furry’s favourite season but I think Spring is their favourite!! So here are my reasons why Rabbits and Guinea Pigs love Spring.

1/ Spring Clean.

If we are honest we all love a Spring Clean. Depending on the age of your Furry’s accommodation you may get away with a Spring Clean. Make sure you find them somewhere else to stay whilst you are cleaning. Some like to book their Pets in with us so they have a few days to wash and dry the accommodation. You can book a mini break here . Once you have relocated your Furrys now it is time to clean. You need to give the area a good clean. I find a scraper is a good tool to get some unwanted poos up. Baby sterilising liquid is great to clean bottles and bowls with.

2/ Maintenance Time.

Furry’s Love nothing more than spending time in the garden nibbling on Grass. So it’s time to check out you outside run. here are some things to check for:

look for any rotten wood.

Sharp pieces of wire.

Broken hinges.

You may also wish to re consider the size of your run. We all know big is best so perhaps it is time for an upgrade.

We have some 6ft x 4ft’s in stock. Message us if you would like more details.

Please make sure any rabbit run you buy is at least 6ft long and the Rabbit is able to stand up and stretch.

3/ Grooming.

Piggies will enjoy a freshen up and Rabbits will enjoy getting rid of some dead coat. Here at Small Furry Hotel. We offer Grooming to Rabbits and Guinea Pigs.

Guinea Pig Grooming includes:




Hair Trim

All For £7.50.

Full Rabbit Grooms include:

Removal of dead hair all over.

Complete clean up of their bottom.

Nail Trim.

All For £15.00.

Rabbit Mini Grooms include:

25 min groom to release any dead hair.

Nail trim.

All For £10.00

Nail Trims.


4/ Have a Makeover.

Out with the old and in with the new. Bottles and bowls are not that expensive so it is nice to have a change every now and then.

5/ Grass and Forage.

Now is a great time to lay turf and plant some seed. Laying out some turf now will make sure you have a fantastic run for the summer. My top tip is lay wire down and put the turf on top, this way Buns will not dig out.

Also take a look at buying some seeds. Dandielions, parsley, rocket etc.

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