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How to keep your Rabbit cool in the Summer.

Placement of your Buns accommodation:

This is probably the most important thing to consider when keeping your Rabbit cool on warm days.

If your buns live inside you still need to consider keeping them cool. Make sure they are in an area where there is good ventilation and air circulating in the room. Be careful leaving windows open as foxes are known to go into peoples homes especially in Urban areas. Consider having an internal wire mesh window so that you can have the window open but have the security of the wire across the open space.

Outside Buns can get very hot, but the a simple change in the position of their hutch and run can make all the difference. Look for shade especially under trees as any breeze will feel great for the Buns. Some Buns, like us do love to sunbath and sun in moderation is good for us and them. However they must be able to get themselves out of the sun and you do need to monitor them to ensure they are not over doing it.

One of our customers set ups.

Consider the sun moving! The sun will move round in the day ensure part of the run has coverage all day.

Our barn at The Small Furry Hotel is made of stone and is lovely and cool in the summer months. So we have furries out first thing or last thing, they spend the heat of the day in the cool barn.


Regardless of the heat your Furries need water 24/7, consider adding a bowl of water if you are just using bottles.

When using covers for your runs consider spraying them with water this make everything feel cooler.

Do not wet your rabbit.

Try freezing water in drinks bottles some rabbits like to lie next to them.

I have soaked towels in cold water and spread them out where the rabbit sits. You need to play about with different ideas and see what your bun likes.

Stone and Tiles:

For me stone and tile is the way forward, buns love to stretch out on cool stone or tile floors. Consider putting a tile in the freezer in the evening and giving it to the bun in the morning. I also love terracotta tunnels, mine love to lounge out in these.


Ok it’s a boiling hot day, you have your coat on and someone wants to cuddle you. You will probably not be too keen! neither will your rabbit! just let your rabbit do their own thing in the heat of the day, you can just sit back and watch your happy content Furry. Forcing them to be held and fussed with will stress them out and potentially lead to over heating.

Check the temperature:

Buy yourself a garden thermometer and place it near your run. If it goes over 25 degrees centigrade move your rabbits. Rabbits are most comfortable between 10 – 17 degrees centigrade in my opinion.

Have a great summer and if you have any concerns with your rabbit in the heat speak to your vet.

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