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A Guide to Guinea Pig Grooming

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

If you have Guinea Pig they will need grooming even the short haired piggies.

What should you have in your Guinea Pig Grooming Kit?

1. Nail Clippers

2. Slicker Brush

3. A Comb

4. Shampoo

Getting started.

Make sure your Piggy is comfortable and pick a safe place to groom. You may like to have some tasty treats for your Piggy to enjoy during the pamper. Have everything you need to groom to hand. The more you groom your Piggy the better it is an excellent way to bond with your pet if done correctly.

Nail Trimming

All Guinea Pigs need regular nail trims. If their nails are left too long they will become very uncomfortable. They can curl round and dig into the Guinea Pigs foot or get caught on something and rip off. Always use small nail clipper and cut the nail in front of the quick.

This can be difficult to gauge on a Pig with black nails.

You could just leave it to us and book regular nail trims.

Brushing the coat.

This will depend on how long your Piggy's coat is. Long haired pigs will need to be done regularly/ almost daily to stay clean and mat free. Your comb and slicker brush are perfect for this. Go easy so you don't hit a knot and pull on your Piggy's skin

Trimming and Clipping

Sometimes when it is warm or your Piggy is matted it worth getting them clipped off.

Keeping your Guinea Pig clean and dry is their best defence against fly strike. If your Piggy is dirty round the rear end maggots can set in within hours and have a devastating effect on your little friend. So keeping their coat short and clean during the warm months is always worth consideration. If you want to keep the rest of the body long you can have a good trim round your Piggy's rear end.

Bathing your Guinea Pig

Before starting to bath your Guinea Pig you need to be very confident in handling them to ensure the procedure is safe and your Piggy feels secure. Then get yourself organised. You will need:

A Towel

A bowl of warm water - not hot or too cold.

A plastic cup to gently poor the water over your piggy

Suitable Shampoo

A Dryer on a low and cool setting.

Bathing should only be done if it is needed. Also make sure your Piggy is completely dry before you put them back outside.

Make sure you do not get water in your Piggy's eyes.

If you are not 110% confident, then it would be better to book a bath with a professional.

If you are concerned your Guinea Pig may have parasites, you may wish to put a spot on after their bath

When done correctly your Guinea Pig should feel fabulous after their groom.

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