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Long Term Boarding for Rabbits and Guinea Pigs

There are many reason why people find themselves in need of long term boarding as they are unable to look after their pet for an extended time period. Here at the small Furry hotel we are there to help you bridge that gap.

There are many reasons we have had pets stay for extended holiday such as:

  • Moving house.

  • Having to spend time in accommodation that does not except pets.

  • Large house claims such as fire and flood damage.

  • Extended work away.

We understand that your pet means the world to you however life can get in the way for a bit. Rabbits for example can live well past ten years old, a lot can change in that time. The change in your life may just be temporary and you feel you do not want to re home your pet as you will be able to have them back in the future.

Or maybe you have been offered a three month contract to work away, that is really important to you but you are not sure what to do with pet.

Maybe you are planning major building works, that may upset your pet. The noise alone can upset small animals.

Long Term boarding is possible the answer to your problems. Long Term boarding means your pet remains in your ownership, you are responsible for your pets veterinary/ medical fees plus £10 vet visit fee. The est is covered by us.

So your pet will enjoy nice accommodation, fresh food, nuggets, nail trims, love and attention and best of all the companionship of lots of other Furries.

This is a great alternative to re homing your pet. Rescue centres are bursting and you potentially have lots of years of fun ahead of you with your pet.

Prices start from

A single rabbit £120 for 30 days ( minimum 5ft hutch)

A single Guinea Pig £90 for 30 days. ( minimum 4ft hutch)

Please email for a quote for multiple pets.

Terms and Conditions of this offer:

Your pet will stay in the largest accommodation available but will be moved to a small hutch ( Minimum sizes stated above) in busy periods.

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