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Tips on how to reduce stress when traveling with your pets.

Updated: May 30, 2023

We all know that our Small Furries can stress easily. It is therefore really important we try to minimise stress as much as possible. Traveling can be stressful for your pet however we have some great tips to help your pet settle when travelling.

The Vehicle.

There are several things you can do before you even put your pet in the car. Firstly how does the car smell? I have known of many dogs that refuse to get in cars that have heavily sented air freshners. Our pets are far more sensitive to smells than us so I suggest you take any air freshners out for the trip.

Other passengers ?

Do not travel your pet next to another animal that stresses them out. Take time to book your pets boarding drop off times so you are not traveling the cat/ dog and rabbit together if you know they don’t get on well. Imagine having to sit next to someone holding a gun, that is what it would be like for your rabbit. Whenever I take my furries to the vets I always sit away from other animals for that very reason.

Front or rear wheel drive?

Play about with this, try your pets in the front and in the back. Depending on if your car is front or rear wheel drive will mean the drive maybe smoother in one part more than the other.

You Driving!

No hard breaking and no fast turns. Drive as carefully as possible not like Cruela De Ville.

Where are you going?

Make sure you know exactly where you are going and have contact numbers so you are able to make the journey as short as possible. Your pet will not enjoy circling the same place for ages.

What are you traveling them in?

I travel my rabbits like I do my horses, I like to pack them in so they don’t move too much and feel secure. I always travel my rabbits with news paper and lots of hay so they can wedge themselves in it and not slide. We know rabbits like to eat hay too so win win especially if you add so parsley or something nice to keep they busy.

I find seats in cars are usually slopping so use a towel to level the seat. Then secure the seatbelt through the handle and plug in.

Practice makes perfect.

Take your pet on regular trips say once a month so they don’t just go to the vets. We have customers that visit monthly, those that visit regularly bounce out their boxes and relax far quicker. Put lots of nice trats in their travel box so they think its a good idea.

Finally set the temperature so your furry can travel not too hot and not too cold.

If you follow all the above your Rabbits or Guinea Pigs will arrive at their destination far happier.

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