What do you need to pack for your pets holiday?

What your Furry needs for a Fab holiday.

If you have booked your Bun or Piggy into the hotel for their holiday you will want to make sure you pack everything they need to enjoy their stay.

First and foremost you need a good sturdy carrier. You will need to move your pet from the car to the hotel, it is important your pet reaches their accommodation safely. Also we find Furries like to play with them in their pens.

We will also need to see all Buns vaccination cards to prove they have had their VHD and MYXI vaccination.

What we provide:

We provide water bottles and bowls, food bowls, litter trays, unlimited hay, Burgess pellets, greens and bedding.

Ideas on what to pack:

If you book an indoor pen the sizes start from 6ft x 3ft and can be as large as 6ft x 18ft. This is your space to design as you and your pet requires. Feel free to enrich your Buns pen with as many tunnels, hideaways, jump on as you like.

Outdoor pens start at 6ft x 3ft and can be opened up to 6ft x 9ft. Again feel free to fill these with toys and enrichment items but be aware they may get wet even though the pens have a roof and side walls. The hutches attached to these pens are 6ft x 2ft x 2ft so you can design this area to your own specification.

Some customers bring cardboard boxes and pieces of mat or carpet.

If you decide to book a hutch please check the size before you bring too much kit. Or why not bring what you like and we can see what fits.

Drop off slots are 15mins which should give you enough time to get set up.

Have a look at our accommodation here

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