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What we recommend for Bonding

Updated: Jan 6

Having bonded hundreds of Rabbits over the years, you can do it without any of the recommendations below. However, I have found these items to be helpful through out the process.

So regardless of weather you are bonding at home or with us, these items may well make the experience easier for you and your Buns.

Minimising stress

Over the past year I have used these with some of our bonders. It is hard to say if they have been instrumental in a successful bond, but for me anything that helps a Rabbit relax is worth it. Especially at times of stress like bonding.

Minimizing the risk of injury

We always recommend a nail trim as a rabbits skin is so thin. A nail trim on arrival can lessen the risk of a nasty injury with a powerful back leg and a sharp nail.

Something to do when Dating

We want to keep the rabbits busy and promote a feeling of everyone is relaxed. Some really nice treats and forage, in my opinion, can help stop chasing.

We have a range of forage and treats that you can be added during bonding.

We know treats need to be kept to a minimum but we can be more generous with forage that will therefore last longer.

Somewhere for Respite

Have a box to hide in or to hold their interest is also really helpful. Carrot houses or even just some tunnels and cardboard boxes can help keep them entertained and offer space.

Stop Slipping

Sometimes chasing in inevitable with bonding. This can be made worse with slipping. We recommend having flooring that will help them grip. It will also minimise noise when running about.

You can buy your own or hire from us during your stay. Hiring means that we will keep replacing if soiled.

Vet bed wicks the damp away from your pet and tend to stay in place better than towels and throws.

Some Rabbits will go together easily. Other need a bit of help. The above are not compulsory but they do help.

We wish you all the best in your bonding!

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