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Bunny Bum Cleaning

There are many reasons why your rabbit may need a Bunny Bun clean. I am not going to thoroughly address them in this blog. This blog is dedicated to how to get your Rabbit cleaned up and groomed.

Here at Small Furry Hotel we have always run a Bunny Bum Amnesty. No matter how bad your situation is we will help you get your rabbit cleaned up. In some cases we will advise your Rabbit sees a Vet ASAP.

I have always opted to not shave or clip a rabbit. I have seen many rabbits go down a bad route when they have been clipped off. This is because the skin is exposed and is the vulnerable to urine scaled. I have also see people advised to use barrier creams such as Sudocream, personally that is not a route I would go down.

  1. I would not want my rabbit ingesting Sudocream

  2. Your rabbit needs to eat their caecotrophs, they are less likely to do this if their rear end is covered in thick cream.

  3. The cream makes a mess of the surrounding fur.

I find rabbits that come in for a Bunny Bum Clean usually have a lot of dead hair felted into their existing coat. So if you can imagine they have moulted but the old coat has not been able to come away. Subsequently causing matting and felting. I then find this felting absorbs urine, you are then in a very vicious circle.

A clean up and a good de-shed around the genitals can help keep your rabbit cleaner for longer.

I would always tease out the dead hair first which will take a lot of the faeces with it before I would decide to add water to the Rabbit's coat. Wetting the Rabbit's coat is always the last resort for me. However, in extreme cases Rabbits do need to be washed. If they are washed they need to be 100% dry. It is always best to avoid this as the time drying can be extremally stressful for your rabbit.

My favourite part of a Bunny Bum clean is when I see a rabbit starting to groom themselves. In some extreme cases the rabbits have been very depressed and it feels great to see them taking an interest in themselves again.

You can use the link below to Book your Bunny In for a Bum clean. Please NEVER EVER leave your rabbit dirty as you can end up with "Flystrike" Which in my opinion is one of the worst ways to die. Act fast!!

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