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Foraging for your Rabbits

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Foraging for your Rabbits

Foraging For Your Furry Friend. Foraging for your Rabbit can be really rewarding as your Bunny will be thrilled with your find. So today is the 1st of May, it has been warm and really wet today. First thought is limited outdoor play for the buns, but then ding I realise nature has just washed the best bunny food. I grab a box and a pair of scissors and off I go foraging in the hedgerows for rabbit goodies. You don’t have to wait for the rain you can forage at anytime and then wash your goodies when you get home. First I walk out my gate and we have a lovely hedge full of hawthorn so we snip some of that . Next I spotted some Dandelions leaves lovely and crunchy. Then next to the Dandelion was some lovely big Plantain leaves . I then snipped lots of different types of grasses. Passing my herb garden I have a little cheat and helped myself to some Mint and Parsley. Parsley. Mint. Having lots of fields around the Small Furry Hotel, I don’t need to go far to find some fabulous foraging. Try not to take bits from the sides of busy road, I may be being fussy but I hate to think of all the emissions coming off he cars on a daily basis going on to the plants. I would definitely advise you buy a nice big pot or window box and plant up a herb garden for your rabbit. Each day you can pick bits off and make a big pile of goodies for your rabbit to keep them occupied. Then you can have Bunnies as happy as mine munching away on all their crunchy goodies. As a Bunny owner their is no greater feeling than seeing your Buns really happy. Warning: Make sure you know exactly what you are feeding, the wrong plants can kill your rabbit. Have a look at Coco and Hannah Loving their find Here Book Your Bunnies Holiday Here

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