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Mothers Day Ideas

Mothers Day is approaching so I thought I would put together some of things that I would love as a Rabbit and Guinea Pig Mum.

The first Item I found is this great hoodie

I just love the pattern and it looks really comfy. I've added a few others but I really like the blue.

Bunny Bags

What Bunny Mum doesn't need a new Bunny Bag for Mothers day.

and no bag is complete with out a purse.

Maybe your Mum likes to bake?

If your Mum likes to bake for you or the small Furries we have some great ideas.

We imported these cutters from America. They are great for baking Guinea Pig treats or Guinea Pig shaped Cookies.

We sell lots of loose forage if your Mum needs some ingredients.

For the Home.

Here are my top 10 items I would love for my house

Mothers Day Cards

Hopefully my compilation of gifts and will give you some great ideas for Mothers Day.

I hope your family has a wonderful day celebrating their Mums.

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