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Let’s Talk About Pet Carriers

Why? Well after you have picked the perfect accommodation and play area your pet will need transport. It is important that your Pet feels secure when on the move and the correct carrier can go a long way towards helping them have a comfortable journey. Over the last ten years we have had lots of guests at the Hotel and I have seen and worked with many carriers. This article will discuss the pro’s and con’s of different types of Carriers. Shine Per Carrier. We currently have buns in with one of these. This is a value carrier that does the job providing you have a small Rabbit or Guinea Pigs. Personally I would not put a heavy rabbit in this carrier and the side pins are flimsy. Perfect for small pets if you are on a budget. Key features are: Dimensions: (lxwxh) 33x 32x 55cm 13 x 12.6 X 21.6 Inches

  • Removable lid

  • Practical handle

  • Lateral ventilation slots

Products from Catit Design Cat Cabrio Carrier Flight I have seen these and I am not a fan of these for rabbits. When a rabbit comes in I like them to have the box in there pen or run to use as a hide out. I also move pets from inside to outside with these and I find the door clumpy to remove and I worry bits will snap off. However this is a very sturdy well made carrier. Features include:

  • Ultimate Multi-Functional Carrier System for cats and toy breed dogs combines superior safety features with ease of use for 5 star pet accomodation on the go.

  • Top opening hatch which allows you to place and remove your pet from the carrier with ease and stress free for you and your pet

  • For added security the Cabrio has been designed to be secured in your vehicle with a conventional seatbelt

  • It has been designed for ease of use of the owner also with a integrated moulded handle and a shoulder strap

  • Your pet will also find travel easier with the skid resistant textured floor

Products from Canvas Crates A Big No No for me. Buns chew the end of! They are not safe as even if you leave you pet alone for a few minutes they can escape. Secondly as the sides are soft they offer no protection at all. I have no positives at all for these when being used as a rabbit carrier. Products from Lazy Bones Pratiko Pet Carrier There are a few reason why I like this carrier. Firstly the handle is solid, I have seen so many handles come loose on carriers, in fact I am staggered to see on some carriers the handles are held on with tiny bits of plastic. The handle on this carrier is moulded to the carrier so there is no fear of it coming off. I have not had any experience of the fittings holding the top to the bottom of this box and would like to try one before I comment. However the door is ideal for rabbits and guinea pigs, ventilation is good and the handle is excellent. Products from Will be back soon with more reviews on carriers. Please email me via any feedback you have on your carrier.

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