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Will your Rabbit or Guinea Pig be wintering out?

Now is a crucial time for you to decide if your rabbit or Guinea Pig is living out this winter.

In my opinion a healthy rabbit can live outside in a UK winter if they are given the appropriate facilities.

Personally my Guinea Pigs always come in when it starts to dip below 5 degrees C. at night. My current rabbits are older so they also come in when the temperature takes a dive.

However, a young fit rabbit in good accommodation will winter out easily.

So why is it important in September to make the decision on what you intend to do this winter?

The simple answer is your rabbit will decide which coat they need this winter.

A healthy rabbit that is out now and stays out will develop a much thinker coat than one that is indoors. As you start shutting the doors in the house and putting the heating on your rabbit will not develop a coat as thick as their friends outside who are experiencing lower temperatures.

We must also remember that especially here in the south coast our outside temperatures do fluctuate. So your pet will need help at theses time. For example if there is a sudden drop in temperature and not a slow decline your pet will need help. It is also good to give them some help on those really cold nights.